Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stephens/ Jensen Wedding

This wedding had the funnest theme and colors! I loved how literal she took the color "apple green" and decided to make apples her main decoration:) I thought it turned out so pretty and no one deserves it more than the Stephens family :) I love you guys so much...thanks for trusting me with your big day! I hope you liked it :) Also a big shout out to Jenny Widdison who did the food, she is beyond amazing (as you can see) so if you need a great caterer let me know and I will hook you up! And last but not least ( This man really doesn't need the plug because he is already a local celebrity) but thank you to JEFF HODGES! He is who takes these amazing photos and i just Love him... thanks Jeff for all your support!

Fun centerpieces....

I loved those two colors together

My sweet friend kami.... I love ya girl :)

My favorite part! I thought the arch turned out so pretty and the cake was beautiful!

The AMAZING FOOD! 3 types of cheese cake, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and YUMMY Carmel Apples and fresh fruit and dips :)
The sign in table was so cute...

The ceiling canopy made you forget you were in a cultural hall and made the perfect mood lighting

The old windows added a "VINTAGE " feel

Floral centerpieces done by Angie Poll.... They totally made the whole thing complete


  1. Kay that was so darling! Y ou do a great job!

  2. Whitney you did a fantastic job! It was so great how you understood exactly what Jamie wanted and you made it happen! We got so many compliments and continue to get asked about it. Thanks so much! The Stephens family loves you!

  3. wow...can't believe I made it onto the blog! I look a little rough there but thats ok! :)
    You did such a perfect job on the wedding. totally beautiful. I loved getting to see you and catch up a little bit with all the wedding drama going on. thanks so much! XOXO

  4. This is so beautiful Whitney! You are very very talented!

  5. Whitney you are amazing, the reception was beautiful! I absolutely loved every single detail! Every single person that went through my line mentioned how gorgeous everything was and kept asking who did it! It was more than i even imagined so thanks for helping make the day so so special! You are so dang cute and thanks again!!!