Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stephens/ Jensen Wedding

This wedding had the funnest theme and colors! I loved how literal she took the color "apple green" and decided to make apples her main decoration:) I thought it turned out so pretty and no one deserves it more than the Stephens family :) I love you guys so much...thanks for trusting me with your big day! I hope you liked it :) Also a big shout out to Jenny Widdison who did the food, she is beyond amazing (as you can see) so if you need a great caterer let me know and I will hook you up! And last but not least ( This man really doesn't need the plug because he is already a local celebrity) but thank you to JEFF HODGES! He is who takes these amazing photos and i just Love him... thanks Jeff for all your support!

Fun centerpieces....

I loved those two colors together

My sweet friend kami.... I love ya girl :)

My favorite part! I thought the arch turned out so pretty and the cake was beautiful!

The AMAZING FOOD! 3 types of cheese cake, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and YUMMY Carmel Apples and fresh fruit and dips :)
The sign in table was so cute...

The ceiling canopy made you forget you were in a cultural hall and made the perfect mood lighting

The old windows added a "VINTAGE " feel

Floral centerpieces done by Angie Poll.... They totally made the whole thing complete